Turkey On My Plate

Welcome to the delicious world of Turkish Foods – said the man on the mural

Follow Us In Our Food Trail – Looking out for some Must Eats of Turkish Food

If you love food in all categories from starters to dessert to a cuppa and a lite bite then Turkey, the seat of erstwhile Ottoman Empire is the place to head off to. Actually Turkey is one of the few countries where even a ordinary conversation can turn into a delectable food experience.

From its mezze or platter of appetizers to its succulent kebabs locally addressed kebaps to its buttery pilaf and an array of absolutely fine desserts.

Turkish food is all about flavours and subtlety.

Turks love their vegetables, rice and meats that form the major elements of the local cuisine. Aroma is important in Turkish food and so is the freshness component. Copious quantities of garlic, tomato, fennel, aniseeds, cinnamon, basil, nuts and yogurts are used leading to its really flavourful dishes

Trailing through the universe of Turkish food that`s an empire in itself here`s the must on the list which without being savoured the food experience would remain incomplete.

Moutabel – a lip smacking grilled eggplant dip – an element in the famed Mezze

Meze – Little is big here. In the world of appetisers , if there is something that lilts one and all, it has to be Meze. The possible variations of meze are interesting a chapter in itself, the ingredients remain healthy yet enticing. Such is the popularity of meze that there are designated restaurants called ‘meyhane’, that specialise in serving meze. The most sought after meze’s to name a few are, ,Grilled Eggplants with Yogurt (Patlıcan Ezmesi), Grilled Eggplant Salad (Patlıcan Salatası) Mint Yogurt Dip (Haydari), and the not to miss, Chili Tomato Paste (Ezme) purely because tomato is omnipresent in Turkish cuisine.

Kebaps or Kebabs – an anytime food, a must in Turkish cuisine

Adana Kebap – Lovers of mutton and non-vegetarian fare will never find themselves short of choices in Turkish cuisine. Adana kebap named after the city of Adana is a must have. The process of preparation is detailed, the result sinfully tempting. Minced meat is kneaded to a finer consistency, then added with minced garlic, grounded cumin, dried green hot pepper, fresh local red peppers to pack it with a punch of aroma, awakening the taste buds.  Mounted on metal or wood skewers, it is charcoal grilled slowly and evenly. Served on a warm lavaş (a thin bread that`s pita like) accompanied by parsley, grilled onion, roasted tomato and a green / red pepper.

Kuzu Mutancana – a delicacy made of lamb shank, loads of dried apricots,fresh pomegranates and nuts

Kuzu Mutancana – A dish made with mutton shank, this delicacy literally melts in your mouth with hardly bothering you more than a few chews. The mutton is draped by dried apricots, abundant use of nuts is as rich and sumptuous as a dish can get.  The finesse of this dish made me speak to the chef Mehmet who said “ this does require long and patient hours of cooking before it is served on the plate but all worth in the end when one hears praise or sees the satisfied expressions of the discerning diner on the table”.  The smiling chef before rushing off back to the kitchen mentioned a Turkish proverb, “ The world is a pot and man is its ladle”.

Balkabagi – Sweet Pumpkin Roast – a fine delectable dessert

Bal Kabagi –A  Turkish dessert, made out of pumpkin chunks soaked in sugar syrup overnight. Once the chunks gets cooled down, they are dressed with walnuts and lots of fresh cream or even yogurt. The visual of this dessert actually can make you dive right in. Very simple, yet a refreshing sweet dish, this one is surely not to be missed. Although a traditional, seasonal dessert made during winter months in many Turkish homes, it is now served in restaurants throughout the year.

So when you are in Turkey – don`t forget to check out these absolute delicious delicacies!

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