Street Art, Bandra! Mumbai

It won’t be far-fetched to use the expression that  street art “is a movement” , or in a less intense statement,  a dimension of outreach by artists who believe in its power and consider it an art form in itself.  A thing which has now been accepted and gone beyond debate is that street art is one the most visible forms of expression with an unmistakable presence, covering social , political and cultural aspects.

Reel and Real, A glimpse of the past in present.

The origin as many would point out is graffiti, is correct to a large extent. The emergence of graffiti artists during the 1970’s and 1980’s is considered to be a catalyst. It was a blend of eclectic creative work with a reflection of a social shade, angst, or maybe not. Over the years street art or its now known as urban art has carved a space for itself in the popular culture.

The walls of cities have been turned into canvas by amazingly gifted and brilliant artists.

Work slogan, elements of street art in daily life.
At The Bus Stop

Without diving in to the discussion of the distinction between graffiti and urban art, this is a tribute to the artists who have lifted up the drab surroundings of many a city around the globe. The dilapidated wall and buildings are transformed into colourful and meaningful art forms which have found the love of many.

A nondescript lane in Bandra, a canvas for the artist.

Bandra in Mumbai has to have the distinction of being a treasure trove for some of the best and most fascinating urban art in India.

Every few hundred steps one can stumble upon engaging and brilliant pieces of street art.

It now seems to have merged so wonderfully with the surroundings, the walls , lanes and people that it is impossible to imagine Bandra without its signature urban art.

Blending in with the neighbourhood seamlessly and standing distinct.

The most nameless artists who just leave a signature or an art name have made this art form enhance a location and turned it into a must see for travellers and art lovers who can be seen walking by in the lanes of Bandra, mostly armed with cameras or just admiring the eye catching choice of characters and colours.

Watch your back, keep your eyes open to spot amazing street art at Bandra.
Expressions galore, of freedom and innovation.

XPO magazine sums it up to precision when talking about the street art of Banksy: “There is no language or cultural barrier for the viewer, no university degree in art history required or complicated theory to understand the work. Bam, it grabs you just like that!” 

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