7 top reasons why Hotel Bristol is your perfect address for a luxury holiday at Vienna

The grand heritage Hotel Bristol at the juncture of Ringstrasse Boulevard. The hotel was founded in the year 1892

Luxury is a state of mind and once in Vienna this must be your way.

Vienna symbolises elegance and royalty as it continues to charm the world for centuries. As the most livable city in the world, it manages to balance traditions and trends with the finesse of subtle discreet luxury. This is your goal on a holiday in Vienna letting you slow down, provoking the ability to celebrate everything fine in life, embracing the artistic in you.

Invariably Hotel Bristol a heritage hotel, part of The Luxury Collection brand is your partner in this sojourn. Offering the discerning traveller a home away from home as they say, Hotel Bristol is a world in itself.

Standing at the corner of Ringstrasse Boulevard, across the Vienna State Opera, Hotel Bristol has been serving impeccable hospitality from 1892! Imagine what must this baroque art gem witnessed all these centuries from this absolutely amazing location.

Here`s my 7 top reasons for a stay at Hotel Bristol  – The Luxury Collection

The Unmatched Grand View

The breathtaking view of Vienna State Opera from the suite on the topmost most floor as you enjoy your breakfast

No one offers a better view of Vienna State Opera than Hotel Bristol. Of the 150 rooms and suites designed exclusively in a baroque style with sophisticated interiors, Hotel Bristol gives the premium proximity to world`s one of the most beautiful opera addresses;so much so that from the hanging balcony of your suite or exclusive room, you can witness the evening setting in as the opera starts reflecting on the giant electronic screen. Trust me it’s a absolutely  a lifetime experience.

Always Setting The Right Mood

The exquisite mood set inside your room

Hotel Bristol breathes charm and musicality, something so synonymous to the mood of Vienna. So you could be staying in a room called Gustav Malher or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or even Herbert Von Karajan! Once you enter your room you would be greeted with a rather beautiful flower arrangement exclusively of surreal roses in an elegant hand cut glass carafe with a bottle of complimentary wine and mozartkuglens!

The ornate corridor leading to the rooms

The Prince Wales Suite – Celebrating Life

As a lover of ultimate luxury the hotel`s premium suite offers you a most breathtaking view of the opera as well as a distant glimpse of St.Stephen`s Catherdral. The suite stands out with the most ornate interiors, inside the sprawling living space of 360 square metres. This I call heightened holidaying!

The carefully curated regal decor of the the suite – Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales Suit – a section of it

The Exquisite Salon Mood

Where the quotient of hospitality is so high, needless to say that that it is going to be same for your guests. With four different salons holding different engagements and from a guest list of 10 to a 200, Hotel Bristol does it like no other. Once you have decided your venue of engagement either of these salons named once again as namesake of historical sights;Schönbrunn, Belverde, Bristol and Burggarten you know your guests and you are in the right and tender hands of warm hospitality.  

Bristol Lounge – The perfect way to savour an easy day at Vienna

The delicious lounging combination – coffee or tea and soft pretzel

Perfecting the Art of Lounging

Well lounging is about savouring moods! And Bristol has perfected it with both Bristol Lounge and Bristol Bar that serves from morning till night. And yes Vienna loves to unwind for no reason, so head to the lounge or bar for relishing long breakfasts and your evening cognacs! I absolutely love their range of Austrian boulangerie – endless variants of breads. Time to indulge!

Signature All The Way – Hotel Bristol`s Sachertorte

Original Sachertorte in full glory
The unparalleled original sachertorte served by Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol is a part of Sacher Group and isallowed to serve world`s perhaps the most indulgent dessert, original sachertorte, a secret recipe, carefully crafted by the head dessert chefs and tops the list of endless desserts that you can cherish at any time of the day and evening. Even the memory of this ‘object of desire’ keeps me in my mood of pleasururable holidays.

Hotel Bristol – A Mirror of Vienna

Witnessing the majestic Vienna State Opera House from the balcony of the suite or exclusive room at Hotel Bristol

This is the biggest asset of this luxury heritage, its really literal. Hotel Bristol is a miniature Vienna and if you are a connoisseur of everything supremely fine, this is the only address for you while you holiday in Austria`s gorgeous capital Vienna!

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